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2021 Preparedness: Dual Focus Week 11

Week 11: Food -

This week we will have a task for the food portion of our weekly challenge but it is free! This free week will give you the opportunity to make up a week you missed or a week you could not afford to purchase all the amount suggested.

So…If you are storing food in the freezer you will want to understand the importance of keeping your freezer as full as possible. Don’t go into debt building your General Store but do proceed gradually and consistently, and protect it as it grows. During a power outage food in a half full freezer will defrost and spoil faster than foods in a full freezer. With this in mind add tubs or re-sealable plastic bags full of water to fill in the empty spaces in the freezer. As you purchase more food replace the frozen water with foods.

Week 11: Store -

We are ready to serve the hoards who have descended on our home during a disaster except that we probably don’t want them eating their soup with their fingers so we should get a few utensils. Plastic knives, forks and spoons are not that expensive making it easy to get what you need to be truly prepared. Purchase three forks, two spoons and one knife per day per person. Isn’t that easy? Now go do the math for your size family and stock up!

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