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2021 Preparedness: Dual Focus Week 12

Before we begin let me remind you we want to hear from you. How are you doing? How are you feeling now that your pantry and other areas are filling up? Do you have concerns or questions? Let us help you. We understand that in some cases your family members are not as supportive as you would like. We can be your support group and listening ear.

Food: Week 12 - Frozen Vegetables

It’s veggie week again. This week store 10 cans or pints of vegetables per family member or 5 one pound bags of frozen.

For those of you not crazy about canned vegetables use them in soups, crock pot recipes, and stews. They will take on the flavors of the sauces and broths. Also puree them and add them to meatloaf, meatballs, spaghetti sauce, and soup broths.

During a water crisis like the one we just experienced in Texas, drain liquid the canned vegetables were packed in after the vegetables are cooked and save it to use in cooking potatoes or other fresh vegetables. Drain fruit and use the juice to cook oatmeal, cream of wheat or other items you would sweeten after cooking. Liquids fruit is packed in may also be used in place of water when using cake mixes or even making cornbread.

Store: Week 12 - Paper Towels

We are all prepared to eat and serve foods now and it’s time to move on to other necessary items to make life easier and safe during a time of crisis. This week we are adding paper towels.

I love using rags for cleaning and I have few paper towels stored but I understand during a power outage I will not have the luxury of using my washer and dryer.

Since we have stored paper products for eating there should be little cleanup after meals. With that in mind I am storing three rolls of paper towels per week or in other words, 36 rolls of paper towels for our three month supply. If you have a large family you will need to store more for cleaning up little messes and messy faces. For the few cooking utensils, pots and spatulas etc., paper towels can be used for drying these items or used for draining if you leave them to air dry. You will discover dozens of uses during an emergency.

Remember we have already stored napkins so our paper towels will not be needed for mealtime.

That sounds like a lot of paper towels so remember these are safe to store in the attic or garage. I have had many comments from those in Texas the past few weeks that they wish they had listened and stored paper products. Don’t ignore them. They last forever and are inexpensive now but during an emergency they may be hard to find and the price will increase.

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