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2021 Preparedness: Dual Focus - Week 16

Week 16: Food

It’s veggie time again. I know it seems you are accumulating lots of cans, and you are.

I recently watch a video about food storage, and it was good except that they commented they use fresh fruits and vegetables and sure enough they did not have any stored on their shelves. This is a huge mistake. Fruits and vegetable play a critical role in maintaining good health.

Remember the liquid in the cans will also be a great blessing during a time when power may be out and thus water unsafe or unavailable. Think of creative ways to rotate your vegetables. I like to puree them and sneak them into meatloaf, meatballs, soup broth, even sauces. If you are cooking peanut sauce or barbecue sauce, for example, grated carrots and zucchini will cook down or canned vegetables can be added, and no one will know they are there. Simply blend your sauce with an immersion blender and you are good to go.

This week store 10 cans or five one-pound packages of frozen vegetables per family member.

Week 16: Store

Due to the pandemic we have not been exposed to colds and flu this year as we have been in the past. However, we must plan for them to return as we return to school, work, and social activities.

Allergy season is upon us and we can’t keep enough tissues around. I understand in an emergency you could always resort to using some of the mountains of TP you have stored, but a day or two of that and your poor nose will become a victim.

Should your emergency be a health crisis like a flu pandemic you will need plenty of tissues and if your family is not affected dropping few boxes off on the front porch of someone who is dealing with it will make you a true hero.

Boxes of tissues are easy to slip under beds to store and they will not expire. They are also safe to store in the garage or attic. Check your local dollar store for good buys. If buying an unknown brand purchase one and check the quality before stocking up.

This is the only time this year that we will be telling you to purchase a supply of tissues - so how many boxes do you normally go through in a 3 month period? Remember to buy a couple extra in case of extra house guests and then restock when you use a box during the year.

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