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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 21

Week Twenty One - Food: Juice

Time to add juice to your food storage. This week add three 64 oz. bottles of 100% juice per family member to your storage. Be sure it is 100% or it really won't be of any use nutritionally. I know juice is not a key element in a food plan, but should you be faced with a situation where you can't purchase juice, for whatever reason, it will be a huge treat and bring that sense of familiarity and safety during a crisis time. It will also provide liquid to your diet when water is off limits or in short supply. Be sure some of your juice supply is 100% cranberry juice as a treatment for urinary tract infections. You can sometimes cure them or at least hold them at bay until you can see a doctor.

Week Twenty One - General Store: Hand Soap

We are preparing for natural disasters, job loss, unexpected bills and yes, even civil unrest and war. We hope none of these will happen, but we understand the best way to keep our families safe is to prepare.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to stay in the home of friends. When we arrived she asked me if body wash was okay in the shower or if we wanted a bar of soap. I told her no problem anything was fine and then proceeded during my first shower to use what seemed like half a bottle of body wash, I then got a bar of soap.

This week we are storing hand soap. Have you been keeping track of how much you use? I hope so. If not, this week purchase at least two bars of soap for every sink, tub and shower in your home. Don’t forget the laundry room and shop. Soap is another item that is easy to store, lasts forever and is fairly inexpensive so store plenty and you will have some to barter when times get challenging. Would you want to be without soap?

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