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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 24

Week 24 Food: Soup

Again we store 4 cans of soup per family member. Consider how you will use your soup. Will you eat it when ill? That would probably mean you should store chicken noodle or chicken and rice. Will you eat it as a meal? Then, you should probably store a soup with meat chunks and vegetables. Will you use it in a casserole? You are probably looking at buying cream soups. Like soup with grilled cheese? Then tomato soup! Don’t forget foil dinners, soups are a great sauce for those.

Week 24 General Store: First Aid Books

This week add a few first aid books to your kits. Books come in all sizes and are designed for very basic needs or can be very detailed for more life threatening situations.

In your workplace kit, child’s 120 hour kits and one adult 120 hour kit a small pocket size book is perfect. The following is a good one and can be purchased online for less than a dollar. American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Participant's Manual

For one of the adult 120 hour kits and for your home and auto you may want a more detailed book. These can range from $10 to over $30. You will want at least one in this category and should you need to evacuate you can grab it along with your at home first aid kit. If you cannot afford the complete book for all your kits purchase the less expensive one for now and add a more complete version as you can afford to, but purchase at least one really

complete one for now.

During a local or national crisis medical help may not be readily available. It

is imperative you have information at hand to help you give the appropriate

treatment until you can find professional help.

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