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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 27

Week Twenty Seven - Food: Protein

Since it is July and barbecue time we are stocking up on protein. Many cuts of meat will be on sale. The best way to preserve the taste of the meat is to wrap in butcher paper or vacuum seal. Meat will easily last a year when wrapped properly.

Purchase 5 lbs. of protein for each family member this week.

Remember... if you don't do meat for your protein, then 1lb of meat = 2 cans of beans or 3 cups of nuts.

Week Twenty Seven - General Store: Deodorant

This week we are storing deodorant. You should have been calculating how much you use in a week or a month so you should have a good idea how much you need to store for three months or more. This is one thing you can store and not worry about an expiration date so think big! Remember to store for every member of the family and anyone who may come to your home during a crisis such as an extended family member, friend or even that child you have away from home attending college. Check Sunday newspaper ads and coupons and find the deals.

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