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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 29

Week 29 - Food: Pickles, Olives, Relish, & Salsa (the "extras")

This is a fun week, the one you prepared for when you marked your jars and bottles. This week stock up on pickles, olives, relish, and salsa. You may be asking yourself why you want to spend cash on those items when you are trying to get ahead of higher food prices. Having these items in your food storage is what helps to make your meals as normal as possible during tough times. If you can all of these from vegetables grown in your garden take this week to add more canning lids, bottles, and spices to your stash. You may want to can a few more this year.

Please store what you believe your family will use in three months. Be generous. If your family doesn’t eat pickles don’t store them. If you have a family member who puts salsa on everything - get extra. It is the “extras” like these that make the rest of your storage edible when you are running low on creative ways to prepare meals. These are the necessary comfort foods.

Week 29 - General Store: Feminine Hygiene

This week we are storing feminine hygiene items. This is a tricky week as some of you may live in an all-male household or you may be beyond needing these items for your own use. In any case think about who may be evacuating to your home and plan for them. Think about the other uses for sanitary napkins. Any first responder will tell you they are very absorbent

and thus perfect for bleeding injuries. Check your Sunday paper for coupons and stock up, even just a little.

Think again about barter. Don’t you think these would be great to trade with a neighbor for fresh eggs or a haircut? Thinking outside the box will sometimes get you ahead in an emergency, so be open.

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