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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 31

Food - Week 31: Grains

I have become a huge fan of quinoa. It is a great protein, as well as a source of the nutrients and benefits grains provide. Be creative when storing grains so you have a variety and don’t end up with appetite fatigue. What is appetite fatigue? After eating the same food for an extended period of time your body begins to reject it and you have a hard time even swallowing the food, no matter how much you may have loved it before.

Creatively store 6 pounds of grain per family member this week.

General Store - Week 31: Water

A few years ago I watched a national morning television show where they discussed emergency preparations and the “expert” gave some really awful advice about water storage. Some straight talk is in order.

Water storage is absolutely essential to a good preparedness plan. In an emergency, it may be too late to go to the tap and expect clean water to flow. One gallon per person per day is the minimum you will need to continue living the way in which you are accustomed. Two gallons is even better and if you have dehydrated or freeze dried food you should plan on

two gallons per person. You will need at least two quarts for drinking and the rest for cooking, cleaning, flushing toilets, reconstituting dehydrated and freeze dried foods, and personal hygiene.

When planning your water needs, don’t forget your pets!

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