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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 35

In a normal year we would usually tackle this week's food item on week 40, but if we've learned anything from COVID and the extreme drought and fire conditions the last few years, it is this: be flexible and be ready! We pride ourselves on paying attention to the news and with a family that has been farming for decades - we have a good feel on crops, crop prices, and upcoming changes. With this info we changed up our normal plan so you can save some money and still be prepared.

Wheat crops have a 63% damage this year compared to 6% last year. Anything using wheat will go up and that's another hit on meat prices. Nuts are about to go up as well, so there's concern for nut butters and our protein prices for storage. Let's not wait for those increases.

Food - Week 35: Protein

As we said earlier, September was National Preparedness Month and that's what we've been trying to inspire you towards all year - being prepared with a growing food supply. Having food available that can be cooked, and some that doesn't need to be cooked, is truly invaluable in a time of crisis. Just ask some recent survivors from earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornados - they will attest.

This week we're stocking up on an additional 5 lbs of protein per family member. Protein is essential for proper body functions. Make sure to stock up on a variety of sources, some that don’t need cooking, because you'll want to mix it up in those tough days. Canned fish, chicken, beef, are all great sources and most people think of them first, but remember to mix in your beans, eggs, and nuts - even nut butters.

General Store - Week 35: Vitamins

As we planned and then stocked our General Store shelves with food we included foods from all the food groups. This is not, however the end of our planning for the nutritional needs of our family members. During a time of disaster or personal family distress we will need more, not less in the form of calories, vitamins and minerals. When we are stressed our bodies need more to remain healthy, enabling us to deal with the tasks at hand.

This week evaluate your vitamin needs and purchase accordingly. You may already be consuming vitamins but remember you will need more when your food choices are limited, especially if you don’t have your food storage where it needs to be to sustain you for three months. Vitamin and supplement choices will be different for all of us depending on our family’s needs. Do a little research if you are unsure what to store but at the very least store some good quality multi vitamins, and vitamin C and zinc to help prevent or shorten a cold.

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