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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 41

Just In....WARNING! Auguson Farms announced yesterday it is closing their facility for the next 90 days due to the inability to get food to process. They are a major supplier of freeze dried and dehydrated food. You know I discourage a large amount of these foods in your storage due to water shortages after a disaster but you may want to stock up now, while they are still available, on freeze dried eggs, butter and other ingredients you do not have room to store. Then, begin using them now so you understand how.

Food - Week 41: Cheese

I know we stored cheese two weeks ago but to reach a three month supply of the foods you eat by December store two pounds of cheese per family member this week. Also, milk prices are going up so it's a good time to stock up. If you like goat milk cheese those prices are remaining stable for now but that could change if cow's milk cheese continues to go up in price. Remember cheese can be frozen or waxed. Waxing will keep cheese fresh for years.

Diets rich in milk and other dairy products help build and maintain bone mass, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, build teeth, and help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

General Store - Week 41: Eye Drops, Eye Wash, & Contact Lens Solution

I’ve had people ask me why we prepare when a storm can come along and wipe it all out. For me it brings peace and it is like any other insurance, I still have fire insurance even though I haven’t had a fire and pray I never will. I hope my house will be the one spared and I’ll be able to go forward and help neighbors.

This week store eye drops, eye wash, and contact lens solutions. Remember the eye wash cup as well. We have needed more of those this year with the drought creating so much dust and the awful fires adding smoke in the air. You will also be grateful to have eye wash when cleaning up after a disaster.

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