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2021 - Week 4 Challenge

This week we are storing protein. Since this is the first time this year to store protein you have many choices nuts and beans to chicken and steak. Look carefully at the grocery store sales today and determine if there are protein you can get at a cheaper price than normal. If there are none that excite you and you wish to put in your General Store wait until Wednesday when the store sales change and check for bargains on proteins. The advantage of posting weekly challenges on Monday is that you can take advantage of two weeks’ worth of sales. Every week use this system when shopping for the items of the week to take advantage of sales. You can buy more and stay within your budget when you shop the sales!

Week Four: Food - Protein

This week is protein. Now, protein is many things but for our purposes we are talking meat, fish, nuts, and beans. This week store 5 pounds of protein per family member in the form of meat or fish. If you are storing beans as your protein you will need 2 cans to replace 1 pound of meat. You will need 3 cups of nuts to replace one pound of meat. These replacements are not based on serving size but rather protein equivalents. I recommend you store a variety of protein sources. We will be adding more protein later so decide what your protein goals are and this week shop the sales to begin your protein storage.

Week Four: Store - Medications and Essential Oils

We have learned this past year how much of our medications and vitamins come from China. They have been in short supply and could be again. Now is the time to act.

Look through your medicine cabinet and take an inventory of those items you have which may be almost empty and need to be replenished. Next, ask yourself what is missing.

When thinking about medications there are a few things to consider .

1. When possible purchase the pill form. Pills last two years or more past the expiration dates, liquids do not.

2. Consider those who may need to evacuate to your home. If they have small children you may want to store a small amount of child’s dosage medications.

3. When there is a disaster near your home, earthquake, wildfire, tornado, flood, hurricane, etc. those evacuating will hit the stores in your town and leave the shelves bare of basic medications for headache, stomach upset and more.

4. Again, pain meds will be very valuable as an items to barter for those who have not prepared.

Medications can be expensive so check for coupons in your Sunday paper’s ads for buy one get one, check your Sunday paper for coupons and check online coupon sites.

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