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2022 Preparedness - Part 1: Week 1

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Week One:

It’s a new year and time to reevaluate our preparations. We spent 2021 creating a three-month supply of the foods we eat and non-food essentials. Hopefully you are Totally Ready in those categories and keeping up as you rotate. We published our Totally Ready Binder in December which helps you evaluate your preparations, prepare ahead of time for emergencies, know what to do when a disaster strikes, and how to deal with the aftermath. Chapters also include information on making items at home with materials you already have around the house, building kits, treating disaster related medical issues, using common items in unusual ways and more. If you missed our weekly posts last year you can find the week by week challenges in our ebook General Store Bundle.

Disasters of all kinds are happening more often. This past year we have dealt with a pandemic, again, civil unrest like we haven’t seen for decades, the worst inflation in decades, extreme and exceptional drought in 11 states, worst fire season in history, a deadly freeze in Texas and as the year ended the worst tornado in United States history. All those and it doesn’t include the hurricanes and extreme flooding that happened in several areas. With all that in mind it’s time to concentrate on the other binder we all need, the one only you can compile. Each week we will issue a challenge with a goal for you to accomplish and add to your Information and Documents binder. Along with the checklists and forms in the 240 page Totally Ready Binder you will be prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

Let’s begin with a place to store the paperwork we will be creating. This week purchase or find a 1 ½ or 2 inch binder, dividers and plastic sleeves.

Now…Start with you! Be sure you have all the important information about each Family member recorded.

If you have a child who is away attending college be sure to include them and any other unmarried child in your records. At the time of a disaster you may need to be the go between with first responders for your adult child.

Once forms are complete for each family member be sure to attach a photo. If you are not capable of communicating any family member will be able to help by referring to your Information and Documents Binder pages.

For help download the Family Information Form available on the Articles page here at

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