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2022 Preparedness Part 1: Week 2

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Week Two:

This week make a copy of all important phone numbers and addresses. Take time to make a list of all family and friends you may want or need to contact during a disaster or power outage. Remember if the power is out for an extended period of time you may not be able to charge your phone or devices. If you need to use a phone other than your own, your spouse’s, child’s, first responder, etc. they will not have your contacts in their phone. Using our free chart, Important Phone Numbers, record the phone numbers including cell phones, landlines and work numbers for each person, their email, and their address. When your chart is complete place in your Information and Documents binder. Don’t forget your Out of Area Contact, all family members, friends who may worry about your safety and those you may worry about, your employer and neighbors.

Consider those who have recently lost homes. Many were forced to leave their homes with only minutes to spare. As we add more import documents and information you will more fully understand how very valuable all the work you are doing really is. If you live in tornado or hurricane country, you should have a safe room or a safe haven. This is the perfect place to keep your emergency binder.

You can find information on building and stocking a safe haven in our Totally Ready Binder or Natural Disasters section if you are building your binder gradually. You can find both in the store.

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