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2022 Preparedness Part 1: Week 3

Have you created a phone tree? In case of an emergency do you have a plan to let everyone know the news, know where you are going, know that you are ok, even share a warning to evacuate? If you have not already created a list of this type now is the time. If there is an emergency you cannot call 20 people but you can call two or three and they can call four or five.

Think about these scenarios:

#1 You receive a warning to evacuate, you can warn a few neighbors and they can warn a few more.

#2 If your sister and her family have experienced an earthquake she may not be able to make more than one call. How will you let mom and dad know? How about all the siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandma?

Create a family phone tree for several scenarios and record them in your binder. Send copies of phone trees to everyone concerned and challenge them to create their own binders and place a copy of the phone tree in it.

Think about evacuations, deaths or illness, natural disasters, births. Who would you want notified, those at work, church, school, family, neighborhood, friends?

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