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2022 Preparedness - Part 1: Week 4

Now that you have phone and address information recorded for family and friends it’s time to expand. This week record all phone and email information for:

Animal control, Attorney, Bank and/or Credit Union, Business associates, Children’s schools and daycare centers, Clergy, Dentist, Doctors, Emergency shelters, Insurance agents (home, auto, health, life, pet) Landlord, Local hospital, Optometrist, Pharmacy, Police department and Fire department (non-emergency numbers not 911), Post office, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Social worker, Trash collection, Urgent Care, Utilities, Veterinarian, Water treatment.

Following a disaster you will need to contact these people to let them know your location and if your residence has been destroyed or is uninhabitable you will need to cancel services and/or submit a change of address. See form at to help you record all the numbers you will need.

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