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2022 Preparedness Part 2: Week 20

Week 20: Around the House

The price of energy has skyrocketed in many areas. We can save by making small changes that will add up over time.

Close vents in rooms you don’t use. Why are you heating or cooling the guest room when there are no guests? Many times we do not use all the rooms in our homes. Even in rooms we are using we can close vents in the bedrooms during the day when the kids are at school and adults are at work.

Change heating and air conditioning filters. Changing filters often costs pennies but can extend the life of your appliances by increasing their efficiency. It will also save on the length of time the unit is running thus saving on power cost.

Turn off the lights. This may be a hard one for children so create a reward program if you must until they get into the habit. The same principle applies to the radio, stereo, or TV. If there is no one in the room they don’t need to be on.

Use energy efficient light bulbs. If you get a reputable brand the savings out way the slightly added expense. Also, use the lowest wattage possible to get the job done.

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