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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 35

Week 35 September 5th

I recently watched a video featuring a preparedness guru giving advice on stocking up for those living in the city. Much of the advice was great but it hit me that it was also expensive and beyond what most can invest. Today we encourage you to purchase two of my favorite very inexpensive items.

First Mylar blankets. If you have been preparing with us for a while you know how much I love these for their dozens of uses. Copy the article “Survival in Your Pocket-the Amazing Mylar Blanket” and place it in your Emergency Binder. If you have the Totally Ready Emergency Binder, you already have the list in there. These can be purchased online for very little. If purchased in bulk, they are less than $1.00 each. Team up with a friend or use some as gifts this holiday season. You should have a stash at home, in your car, in kits, and at work. Discuss all the uses with the kids and place one in their school backpack. Be sure to send several with your college students.

Second, roll up sunglasses. These are the sun protection an eye doctor will give you after a procedure or dilating your eyes. They are plastic frames, have a UV Protection coating, roll up very small, wrap around your head, and can be worn under prescription glasses creating prescription sunglasses. They can be purchased for as little as 30 cents each. Be sure to purchase them wrapped to protect them. They are easy to keep in kits, the glove box, or even your purse or briefcase. Eye protection is so important but having sunglasses for every member of the family in all your kits, at work and in the car really adds up. Purchase roll-up sunglasses instead and save lots of cash. Again, team up with a friend or use some as gifts when ordering in bulk. You can often find the best prices by adding the word wholesale to your internet search.

You may have noticed I do not have affiliate links on my website, Facebook page, blog, etc. This is an example of why. I found roll-up sunglasses for $29.99 for 100 while at Amazon they are $10.99 for 3. I could make money at Amazon, and you would pay $3.66 for one, or I can encourage you to seek out the best deal and you can pay 30 cents each. The only money I make is when you purchase one of my eBooks, so go look at my eBooks, I really hate reading websites that include multiple links to items to purchase when I know they may be good products but not the best prices. We are all feeling the pinch of inflation and prices matter.

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