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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 39

Week 39 October 3

Please get your handmade ornaments for tornado and fire survivors in the mail this week! We are down to a few weeks to collecting and then sort and package ornaments for survivors of disasters in Kentucky and Colorado. We love seeing all your creations and want to let you know how very much we appreciate your support for those who have lost so much. Operation Christmas Ornaments Near and Far

Whether it is a power outage or limited water let’s talk laundry. This week get the items needed for a “washing machine”.

You Need:

Five-gallon bucket with a lid (buy or find two and we will use the other next week)

Utility knife

To Make:

Remove the lid from a five-gallon buckets.

Cut a round hole about 3 inches wide in the center of the lid.

To Use:

Fill bucket ½ full with water.

Add liquid laundry detergent.

Place a new plunger in bucket.

Replace lid on bucket with the plunger handle through the hole.

Click the lid in place and you are ready to wash.

Move plunger up and down gently.

To Rinse:

Empty wash water into a sink or bathtub to save for cleaning.

Fill bucket with clean water.

Add clothing and plunge gently.

When it is time to wring out clothing get another person to help and twist it over a bucket to save the water for cleaning or over a garden stop.

If you don’t have room to store another bucket store a new plunger and when needed empty food out of a bucket you already have on hand.

Now that the washing is done it is time to dry clothing. You will need rope and clothes pins. That's it! Simple. During the winter you can hang your line over the bathtub or near the fireplace to dry your clothes. Hanging laundry near a fire adds moisture to the air which is a good thing as a fire can make the air very dry.

You may bakery able to find a free five-gallon bucket at a bakery or grocery store with a bakery.

More information about making things to address emergencies is available in your Totally Ready Binder.

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