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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 40

Week 40 October 10

During the pandemic, we learned how important it is to store toilet paper. Are we prepared with TP but what if the power is out and you are on a well, no toilet. If you have a pipe burst, no toilet. If there is a hurricane, tornado, fire or damage to the water treatment plant, no toilet.

You need:

Five-gallon bucket with lid

Pool noodle

Kitty litter

Sanitation chemicals

Utility knife

To make:

Bend the pool noodle to the size that will fit over the top of the bucket.

Cut the noodle to size.

Slit one side of the noodle lengthwise.

Force pool the noodle over the bucket.

Place kitty litter or port-a-potty chemicals in the bottom of the bucket.

Cover when not in use.

Toilet seats may also be purchased that fit over a five-gallon bucket eliminating the need for the pool noodle.

More information about making things to address emergencies is available in your Totally Ready Binder.

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