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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 42

Week 42 October 24

Not all disasters are predictable, and many occur during the night. Are you prepared to evacuate if smoke is filling the hallways? Could you safely exit your home after a nighttime earthquake? Be prepared to find the children, leave the house, attract attention and more by stashing a few items next to your bed.

Shoes: Imagine exiting your home after an earthquake or tornado and walking barefoot over debris. Not a pleasant thought.

Whistle: A whistle can be heard a greater distance than the human voice. Use the whistle to let first responders or other family members know where you are. A whistle may guide them to you or guide you to check on children or help children find you and the bathroom.

Glow stick: During a disaster or even just an ice storm, the power may be out and a glow stick can safely guide children to the bathroom or to you. It will provide a light for you to check on children or make sure the house is secure. You never need to worry about batteries being dead during a time of need with a glow stick. They are also safe for children even if they should leak.

Wallet and purse: Adults need to sleep with their wallet or purse next to the bed. Should you need to evacuate these items are essential. The items most often missing when people arrive at a shelter are purses and wallets.

Car keys: This should be obvious. If you have five minutes to get safely out when a flash flood or neighborhood fire threatens you do not want to be searching for car keys.

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