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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 43

Week 43 Oct. 31

Let’s talk bandannas. These can be found in sizes from 20x20 to 27x27 inches. They are inexpensive $1.00-$3.00 each. Bandannas can be found at dollar stores as well as many craft and party stores. But why?

There are 58 uses for a bandanna at home and/or during an emergency listed in your Totally Ready Emergency Binder. Today we will discuss just one as you prepare.

A uniform. Include bandannas that are unusual and all the same color in your 5-day kits. When you are faced with a crisis or in an evacuation center have each family member tie the bandanna around their head, neck, arm, even as a belt. It will now be easier to find a lost member. People will remember seeing a cute little boy with a bandanna, but they may not remember seeing a cute little boy whose description could be one of a hundred little boys. You may want to purchase fabric and make your own, so your bandanas truly stand out. You do not even need to hem your homemade bandannas, but hemming will prevent fraying and expend their life. Store a few in each kit to be sure you have a clean one for each day you are in a shelter or traveling to your out of area contact.

This same trick can be used when visiting an amusement park or other vacation spot where you may become separated from family members. It is not usual to see several people with the same bandanna tied around their arm thus, your group will be remembered.

As we prepare for gift giving season bandannas with an explanation why they are important and how to use them, make a thoughtful gift.

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