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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 44

Week 44 Nov.7

This week let’s get ready for a power outage.

1. Place bags or containers of water in the freezer to fill in all empty space. This preserves your food much longer during an outage.

2. Make a sign on or strap with magnets on each end to be placed on the freezer and refrigerator. The sign should read “Do Not Open”. If you have young children you will need to make a sign they can understand when they cannot yet read. Food will last longer if the door is not opened. If you must get food out make a list before opening the door. To make the warning more fun sew or cut a strip of fabric long enough to warp around the side of the unit by four or five inches. Sew or glue magnets to each end. Using this is a warning no one can ignore, when the strip is up it is clear to even a visitor that the fridge is off limits.

3. Check the grill, camp stove, paint can stove or any items you will use to cook to make sure you have the proper fuel and enough for a few days. If you are using a firepit check for or purchase long forks for roasting hot dogs, aluminum foil for foil dinners and if you do not have one or two consider purchasing a pie iron. They are so much fun to use and a novelty for bored or frightened kids, and adults.

4. Place a light source in every room. After we had a power outage at night, and I fell down the stairs I started hanging glow sticks on the door handles on the back of all our doors. Be sure you have a source easy to grab no matter where you are in the house. Check the log post: Fuse Box Ah ha Moment.

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