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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 45

Week 45 Nov. 14

There are several ways to provide light when you have failed to stock enough batteries. Let’s purchase or gather a few this week.

1. Glow sticks. We have talked about these before. They are safe around children, last all night without batteries and are inexpensive. Purchase only white or yellow glow sticks as the others do not give off enough light.

2. Water, that’s right. Place an activated glow stick in a personal size plastic bottle of water to increase the intensity. You can also place a head lamp, duct tape it on, to the back or a gallon size clear plastic container such as a milk bottle and again, it will intensify the light.

3. Shortening. Place a cotton strand from a mop in can and force to the bottom. Use as a wick and light. Shortening in a 16 oz. can will burn for over 100 hours, a larger can twice as long or more.

4. Mirrors. Place mirror behind a glow stick to increase the intensity. Place it in a bottle of water and then add the blanket and it’s really brighter.

5. Oil candle. You will need a clean glass bottle, a 100% cotton yarn or string from a mop, and oil. You can use any oil, vegetable, olive, canola, and aluminum foil or jar lid. Cut foil larger than top, double foil, place a small hole in center, add wick. If using a lid poke a hole in the center and add your wick. Wick should be slightly longer than the bottle. Add oil to bottle, replace lid or foil lid pressing foil to the bottle. Light wick and you are set to go. Replace oil as needed.

6. I guess we need to address candles. Never use scented candles for emergencies. The scent can give family members a headache, especially if more than one scent is burning. Always place candles in a glass jar or other glass container to help prevent candle from falling over.

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