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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 46

Week 46 Nov. 21

Since this is Thanksgiving week in the United States and thus very busy, we will take on a small task. This week go to the bank and get cash. Cash should be in small denominations. Get one dollar, five dollars, and a few 10-dollar bills. Get as much as you can afford and hide it. This money should be used for emergencies only. In the event you need to leave your home you will need cash for hotels for a night or two, food and drinks, and clothing and toiletries. How long would it take to get to your out-of-area contact’s home? You will need cash for those travel expenses as well.

Several years ago, I interviewed a man who provided refuge to a friend who needed a place to stay after losing their home to a hurricane. He was 50 miles away, yet his power was out due to the storm. The friend arrived without cash and a credit card could not be used. The host was soon out of cash, and they could not buy the supplies needed. Are you ready to pay for supplies for those evacuating to your home?

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