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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 50

Week 50, December 19

Need last-minute gifts? Try the dollar store.

For a teen or older girl: Purchase a cute plastic basket and fill it with: nail polish, emery boards, face mask and sponges to remove, cotton balls, hard milled soap (I love the oatmeal varieties), makeup vanishing towel, eyelash curler, all for about $11.

Stocking stuffers for boys: building blocks that work with Legos, Hot Wheels, Marvel action figures, flashlight, silly string, glow-in-the-dark sticks, dart shooter, slime, and shape and decorate clay craft. All for about $11.00.

Stocking stuffers for a girl: Nail polish, bubble wand, glow-in-the-dark bracelets, Disney princess bag clips, pompom pens, stickers, bead bracelet kit, colored pencils, all for about $11.00

Greeting cards are 2/$1.00. Why not purchase a dozen cards blank on the inside, for someone who has limited mobility and can’t get out of the house easily giving them the ability to send a note to family and friends on special occasions? All for $6.00 This is also a great gift for a college student.

Know someone with several children? Purchase a birthday pack with a couple of packages of birthday candles, balloons, fun napkins, birthday banners, and streamers. Just $7.50

How about a pet survival kit? People often forget kits for their pets. Purchase a leash, doggy cleanup bags, pet treats, and pet toys, and pack them in a couple of bowls for food and water. The cost depends on how many treats you include.

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