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2022 Wednesday's Weekly Food Challenge

Each week as we post the Wednesday challenges we will try to update you on the latest news affecting food prices and inflation. This week think Super Bowl, but first news about transporting food. In January 2020 the cost to ship goods from California to the east coast was $3,000. The cost today is $12,000.

A Wells Fargo WFC study estimates that the price of Super Bowl parties could be up to 14% over the cost in 2021. Chicken wings are running as much as 26% higher, steaks are up 23%, and hamburgers are up 17%. Soda in 2-liter bottles is running 12% higher (up 6% in 12-packs of cans). Beer is up 4%. And wine is up 3%. The price of chips is up only 2% with salsa up 7% and dips up only slightly now that the cream cheese shortage is behind us.

Wednesday's Weekly Challenge:

Today we add powdered milk to our General Store shelves. I can hear the cry now..."We hate powdered milk".

Yes, you may but it is great to rotate in breads and cakes and if you are without the ability to purchase milk you will be thankful to have some on hand. Try adding a little vanilla to the milk to make it more appealing. Adding evaporated milk can also help add the creamy consistency missing in powdered milk. Of course, you should have some chocolate syrup stored in the comfort food section of your pantry and that makes everything taste better!

Powdered milk is best when very cold so if you find yourself without the funds to purchase milk during a difficult time chill it well before serving. This week add 5 pounds of powdered milk to your food storage. Not 5 pounds per person but just five pounds.

We'd like to remind you that if you'd like to get a jump on the entire year and buy items when they go on sale in your area - you can go to and buy the Food Storage Year Long Plan, which will help you build a 3 month supply of real food that your family likes and eats. Get ahead of prices and be prepared!

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