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2022 Wednesday's Weekly Food Challenge

I'm sure you have heard about the trucking protests. They began asking for financial support to maintain their families during the protest and as I'm sure you know Go Fund Me has taken those funds and are refusing to pass them along to the truckers. You may have thought this would deter the efforts, but it has done just the opposite. Truckers in the United States have now slowed down and are planning a protest of their own. This is not about money, it is about freedom and truckers being forced to test, vaccinate and wear masks. Last week we were asked the question, "will the trucking protest affect food supplies?" We can now say, yes it will for sure. With a slowdown lasting this long there will be food and other shortages. We are now hearing reports of people hoarding as they realize the supply chain is getting worse not better. I want to remind you of a few things.

#1 Hoarding is buying more than you need when supplies are limited. We saw this at the beginning of the pandemic when people bought 20 cases of TP which was far more than their family could possibly use. We do not believe in hoarding. We hope everyone will buy what they need and what they may need for at least three months but please don't purchase every item on the shelf when you know it is far more than you need, and you are denying others the ability to prepare.

#2 We are storing a variety and thus covering all the food groups and all nutritional areas. Do not get caught up in storing just the basics that will last 20 years. Variety is a must for good health.

#3 You can work ahead as you have the funds. If you choose to do this a reminder that the drought in California is worse this year. Last year farmers did not plant as many acres of crops, fruits and nuts had blossoms knocked so they would not produce hoping to save the trees for future crops. It takes much more water once fruit and nuts are set on the tree to keep the tree alive. If you are working ahead consider purchasing the General Store bundle to help you keep track of what you have purchased and what you still need. Of course, you can still scroll thru last year's posts to work ahead just design a plan so you can keep track easily of where you are.

#4 Share. Please share our posts on your Facebook page or in an email to friends and family. Even those who have laughed at us in the past are now realizing the benefit of food storage and the stocking of non-food items.

Week Six: Food

Canned Fruit

We are back to fruit. This week store 6 cans per family member. If you have an aged parent or a single adult child consider carefully if you should also be storing to provide for them. You may also consider purchasing food storage as a gift for them to have in their own home. If you add just one can or pound of food each week to those you are purchasing by Christmas you will have a balanced supply for a few weeks to gift.

** We'd like to remind you that if you'd like to get a jump on the entire year and buy items when they go on sale in your area - you can go to and buy the Food Storage Year Long Plan, which will help you build a 3 month supply of real food that your family likes and eats. Get ahead of prices and be prepared!

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