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2022 Wednesday's Weekly Food Challenge

Food - Week 9: Vegetables

March is frozen foods month so the rest of this month we will stock up on frozen foods. If you do not have a freezer substitute canned foods each week.

This week store 10 cans of vegetables per family member or 5 (1) pound packages of frozen veggies. Even if you plan on a huge vegetable garden and plan to can and freeze what you grow stock up now. Concentrate on vegetables you do not grow or do not freeze or can. If something should change and you can't preserve this year you don't want to be caught without.

Potatoes are considered a vegetable so don’t forget them when stocking up. Frozen hash browns or tater tot are a fun surprise at a meal. I love canned potatoes. They are great for frying with onions for home fries and easy to add to stews. I consider fresh potatoes a grain when I store due to their fiber content but that’s just me.

Remember one, and only one, of the reasons we are storing is to get ahead of rising food prices. Take advantage of sale prices this month and you will be that much further ahead when increases come later in the year. If you see a killer deal in another category go for it! As we prepare we need to take advantage of all the great sales we find.

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