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2023 Preparedness Food Storage Challenge - Week 42: Vegetables

Food - Week 42: Vegetables Back to veggies this week. What more can I say? Vegetables are essential to a balanced diet. Sprouts count as vegetables so you may want to store some seeds for sprouting if you are tired of cans and bags of frozen veggies. Also remember tomatoes are vegetables so tomato sauce, pizza sauce, and salsa are all also counted as vegetables. Have you learned to sprout beans and wheat? They are loaded with vitamins so it is time to learn. While it is late in the season for most of the country - if you have items in the garden still take advantage of them and finish canning. Store 10 cans, 5 one-pound bags of frozen, or a pound of sprouting seeds per family member.

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That much per person is supppsed to be adequate for how lomg? Month? 3 months?

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