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2023 Preparedness Food Storage - Week 1: Desserts

Welcome to 2023! This year on Mondays we will be covering our year-long plan for food storage. If you purchase each week's challenge item(s) you will have a 3-month supply of foods YOUR FAMILY eats at the end of this year. A couple of things to remember for food storage -

  1. Buy what your family eats! If you have nut allergies and we mention buying nut butter, then obviously don't buy that. We often make recommendations on alternatives for a given week, but if we don't and you're not sure - then just ask!

  2. Rotate your foods! Our plan is set up to be foods that your family eats on a daily/weekly basis, not specialty packets that should be stored away for emergency-only use. So add each week's purchases to your pantry and cupboards, but make sure that if you eat 5 cans of vegetables in a week that you purchase 5 new cans of vegetables that week to replenish the supply in addition to whatever the challenge items are. This system keeps your foods fresh AND you're growing the supply for the long term.

Since it is Week 1 - you might also want to check out your cupboards and pantry (or any place you can store food) and see what needs to be cleaned up and organized as we will be adding plenty to your shelves in the coming 52 weeks. As always, we are here to answer your questions and help you become Totally Ready - so feel free to private message us or ask your questions on the Facebook posting so everyone can learn!

Now for the challenge...

Week One:

This week is fun! No food storage plan is complete without comfort foods. This week we are storing desserts. Purchase the ingredients to make 8 desserts your family loves. You may purchase boxes of brownie mix, puddings, or the ingredients to make several batches of your favorite cookies or birthday cake. Even when the power is out, you have lost a job or there has been a natural disaster you will want to be prepared to celebrate birthdays or graduations or to just encourage kids to eat the dinner you have prepared.

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