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2023 Preparedness Food Storage - Week 8: Ginger Ale & Herbal Teas

Week 8: Food Storage Store Ginger Ale and Herbal Teas. We recently discovered ginger beer. We have had this in the past but it was very strong so we were a little hesitant but I knew I needed something with real ginger in it. It is amazing. We are now storing that. Purchase one and try it before purchasing several for your General Store. Treating illness and remaining healthy does not always require medications. There are many things we can do to remain healthy or to restore health through the things we drink, such as herbal teas and ginger ale. My Nana always gave me chamomile tea when I was ill and needed a good night’s sleep. I still drink it when I need to calm down before bedtime. Be sure to check the ingredients when purchasing teas. They are not all created equal. Ginger ale will settle an upset stomach. Keep some on hand for the flu season or an upset stomach. When purchasing ginger ale check the label to be sure it contains real ginger not just flavoring. Many ginger ales will list real ginger on the label but check the ingredient list. Often there is no real ginger even though it is labeled as having it in the drink. This week learn about medical uses for ginger ale and herbal teas and then store several varieties of tea.

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