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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 17

April 26th

A few more utility bills saving tips.

Change Heating and Air Conditioning Filters: Changing filters often costs pennies but can extend the life of your appliances by increasing their efficiency. It will also save on the length of time the unit is running, thus saving on power costs.

Turn Off the Lights: This may be a hard one for children, so create a reward program if you have to until they get into the habit. The same principle applies to the radio, stereo, or TV. If there is no one in the room, they don’t need to be on.

Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs: If you get a reputable brand, the savings outweigh the slightly added expense. Also, use the lowest wattage possible to get the job done. These now come in many intensities’ so you can still have a warm glow and not harsh light.

Install Dimmer Switches: A dimmer switch will allow you to light a room only as much as needed for that moment in time. There is no reason, for example, to have lights turned on high if you are just watching TV. Dimmers will not only save money on your electric bill, but they will also prolong the life of your light bulbs.

Get a Home Energy Audit: Many utility companies will provide this for free. You can learn where you are wasting energy or losing it due to inadequate insulation or weather stripping.

Unplug or Turn Off: Do you realize that all those appliances with the little standby power lights and clocks on them are sucking energy. Unplug appliances such as bread makers when they are not in use. Turn off the dishwasher as soon as it finishes the cycle. Turn off your computer at night. Most manufacturers are reconsidering their products' energy use in standby mode. Even small amounts of energy add up.

Ceiling Fans: I do not understand why they always remove ceiling fans on TV shows when they remake a room. I would never give up my fans. They save on cooling during the summer and on heating costs during the winter. We even have a ceiling fan on our patio so we can enjoy being outside more of the day. They also help eliminate insects at your outdoor meals. Remember these cool you not the air so when you leave a room turn them off.

Run Dishwashers Only When Full: Many dishwashers are run after dinner even when they are not full. Avoid the temptation; wait until after breakfast and run it full.

Install a Low Flow Shower Head: It may take you a few weeks to get used to this gentler spray, but it will save big money not only on energy costs but also on water costs. Remember the droughts and the rationing of water?

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