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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 20

May 17

Another week of free or almost free.

#6 Make a list of everything in your home that runs on electricity. If the electricity were out for an extended period of time, a day or more, how would this change your habits and what would you need to compensate? For example washing machine-liquid detergent, large tub or sink, clothesline, and clothes pins. Dish washer-liquid dish detergent OR paper plates, cups, and utensils.

#7 Barter. Create a list of items or skills you are willing and able to barter. Now, make a list of items you need, such as firewood, food, seeds, or even flashlights. Lastly make a list of people who may have those items and also be willing to trade for your homemade case of jam, free haircuts, or childcare for Friday date nights. Now, go ask!

#8 It’s time to think about water. What would you need if the water supply were cut off? How would you prepare food? (stored water, fruit juices to make oatmeal) You would definitely want paper products to eat off. Make a plan. Remember those 5 gallons buckets? They are great for collecting rainwater.

#9 Rearrange cupboards so heavy items are on the bottom shelves. This is especially important in earthquake areas as this simple act can help to prevent many injuries. If you need to evacuate in a hurry having the heavier items down low will make the process faster and safer. And…if nothing else you will have lengthened the life of the less sturdy shelves.

#10 Organize building materials. This will also help you determine any items you may need to replenish. Items such as duct tape, nails, a hammer, plastic sheeting, plywood sheets, a sturdy ladder, a large tarp, or any items you would need to close up your home before evacuating or to secure your home after a storm.

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