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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 21

May 24th

One last week of free or almost free.

#11 We really have a lot of stuff. Take a household inventory. The best way to do this is to photograph every room of your home either with a still or video camera. Open all the doors and drawers and take pictures from several angles. If you are taking a video, you should narrate and explain the value and history of antiques and other items with significant monetary value or which are difficult to replace. If you are taking still photos write down this information. Make a copy and send it to an out-of-state contact who can keep it safe, and also include a copy in your Five-Day kit. You will need this information to file insurance claims and claims for government aid after a disaster.

#12 Collect all important papers and make a copy of each. Send a copy to the same out-of-state contact who has your household inventory and place a copy in your Five-Day kit. These may include, but should not be limited to birth, adoption, and death certificates, insurance documents, passports, visas, green cards, credit card information, mortgage, wills, and medical records.

#13 Gather Health information for each member of the family and place a complete copy in all Five-Day kits, all medicine cabinets, and all vehicles you drive. This information can save your life during a disaster or after an accident. The information should include: The name address and phone number of your primary physician, dentist, optometrist, and any specialists you may see. It should also include an emergency contact person and their phone number. Compile the following information on each family member: 1. Complete name, 2. Blood type, 3. Allergies (environmental, and food as well as allergies to any drugs), 4. Past and current medical conditions and 5. Current medications (prescribed and over the counter) and their doses.

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