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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 23

June 7th During the first week of the month, we have been answering your questions. Now it is your turn to answer questions. Always remember YOU are the expert for your family. As you contemplate YOUR family’s answers make plans to act upon those that still need attention. Summer is the perfect time to help your family understand how to prepare and become ready when challenges arise. Check off the items you complete, star the ones you can and will complete or have already completed, and highlight the areas where you need help. Over the next month as you consider the questions we pose please make note of areas where you need help. Leave comments so we can address your concerns and help you move forward. 1. Does your family have a meeting place in case of a disaster when you are not home? 2. Does your family have a fire escape plan and a meeting place once safely outside? 3. Have you rehearsed your escape plan? 4. Does your family have an evacuation plan? 5. Have you made evacuation assignments for each family member? (read: Don’t Forget the Birds) 6. Have you practiced your plan? 7. Do you have maps marked with several evacuation routes marked to your evacuation destination? 8. Have you recently reevaluated your insurance policies? 9. Do you have a first-aid kit? 10. Do you have a first-aid manual? 11. Do you have cash on hand in small bills? 12. Do you have a Five Day Kit for all family members? 13. Do you have an auto kit in all vehicles? 14. Do you keep your gas tank half full? 15. Do you have a pet emergency kit? 16. Have you created a phone tree with family and friends? 17. Do you have an out-of-area contact? 18. Have you mailed documents and other information to out-of-area contact? (See Important Documents in your Totally Ready Binder) All these questions can be answered and guidance is given in the Totally Ready Binder: Tips and Tricks For Now and When Disaster Strikes

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