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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 25

June 21st More questions to ponder. An honest look at these questions will lead you to the answers to the questions we are most often asked, “where do I begin” and “where can I get reliable help”. Again, let us know where you need help. Do you have important documents copied? (See Important Documents checklist) Do you have smoke detectors? Does a family member have a CPR training? Do you have an emergency communication plan? Does a family member know Heimlich? Do you know what disasters are likely in your area? Have you subscribed to emergency notification systems? Do you know your community warning system? Do you know which radio and TV stations are the emergency broadcast providers in your area? Do you have emergency phone numbers posted by each phone? Do you have evacuation responsibilities posted? Have you cleaned your gutters? Are poisons and cleaning supplies secured? Are papers and oily rags stored outside of the house? Are propane tanks stored outside the house? Are furnace vents cleaned? Are doors and windows clear of obstructions for easy exit? Are flammable liquids stored outside the house? Have you pruned tree limbs that are dead or close to the house? All these questions can be answered and guidance is given in the Totally Ready Binder: Tips and Tricks For Now and When Disaster Strikes

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