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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 35

August 30th

It’s heading towards fall and the weather is getting nicer so it’s garage sale season. Garage sales are a great resource for items to add to your prepping supplies and to build your General Store. It’s time to gather your posse and make a list of items you may each be needing to add. Let’s just name a few….

Backpacks and duffle bags: Great for kits and even small ones can be helpful in containing kit items in the car. See the August 16th post for more ideas.

Canning jars: We all think of canning but canning jars can also be used for master mixes and for dry packing with a vacuum sealer or so many other things.

Dutch ovens and cast-iron cookware. Both are perfect for cooking over a fire during a power outage.

Candles to use for homemade fire starters.

Kitchen tools especially long-handled ones, are again perfect for cooking over a fire or grill.

Stock pots, juicers, and canners. There is nothing magical about a canner. Any pot deep enough so water can over the jars you are canning may be used. Place a small rack in the bottom and you are ready.

Sewing supplies. Needled, thread, ribbon, and fabric can all be used in kits and in your General Store. Fabric can be cut to make bandanas for your kits as a family uniform, to make slings, folded for bandages, etc.

Tents and camping supplies. Great to have on hand if you need to evacuate or have people evacuating to your home.

Bicycles and wagons. If roads are blocked and you can’t get out a bike and wagon may be your best way out.

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