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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 38

September 20, 2023

This week another very accessible and inexpensive item to add to your preps. Bandannas. Have you watched the horror in Hawaii? Families are living in shelters and temporary housing camps are being created.

Imagine how valuable it would be to have a uniform to wear in a shelter so family members could be easily identified when missing. Include bandannas that are unusual and all the same color in your 5-day kits. When you are faced with a crisis or in an evacuation center have each family member tie the bandanna around their head, neck, or arm. It will now be easier to find a lost member. People will remember seeing a cute little boy with a bandanna, but they may not remember seeing a cute little boy whose description could be one of a hundred little boys. You may want to purchase fabric and make your own for this, so your bandanas truly stand out.

Use a bandana to make your group easily memorable when vacationing and enjoying an amusement park or other venue with crowds where you may easily be separated.

Consider a few of the following:

Scarf. You lose quite a bit of body heat through your head, so a scarf or head covering is essential during cold weather. During hot weather, a scarf will prevent the sun from burning your scalp and will help to cool you.

Hair Tie. When your hair needs to be tied back and out of your face, a bandana can help, or use to wrap your hair like a doo rag.

Sweat band. Tie around the head to catch sweat when hot and/or working.

Wash Cloth. Small enough to store easily and gets the job done.

Pillow. Tie the corners together, fill them with leaves or pine needles, and use them to sit on when you are on rocky ground or use them to sleep.

Sleep Mask. Need to sleep when it’s still daylight? Fold the bandana and tie it around your head covering your eyes.

Sunscreen. Tuck a bandanna partially under your hat allowing the remainder to hang over your neck to protect against sunburn.

If making your own bandanas now is a great time to purchase fabric being closed out such as the Fourth of July, or to purchase fabric that will be completely unexpected such as Halloween.

For a list of 58 more uses see your Totally Ready Binder.

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