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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 4

January 25th

Comparison shop.

This is cold and flu season, time to compare shops for prescription drugs and nonprescription drugs. Don't just rely on the closest drugstore because the cost to you can vary significantly from pharmacy to pharmacy. Make sure to check out your local pharmacies, supermarkets, wholesale clubs, and mail-order pharmacies. Also, be aware some drugs are in very short supply. Only 13% of the drugs sold in the United States are manufactured here.

Purchase store brands of over-the-counter medications. Store brand medications often cost 20-40 percent less than nationally advertised brands but are the exact same formula. Read the labels to compare ingredients.

Purchase store brands of canned and boxed foods. Many are packaged in the same factories as the name brands. Purchase just one can or box, take it home, and try it before purchasing more. Don’t forget to try products at the dollar stores. Also, check the foreign food sections. Mexican foods especially, from cookies to spices, are often less expensive in that section and they are just as good. Remember the less expensive products are normally on the bottom or top shelf in the store.

Finally, compare larger purchases. If you are looking for a small appliance for example, take time to go to a brick-and-mortar store and check out the product before purchasing online. Remember online is not always the cheapest even with free shipping. One way or the other you are paying for shipping, either a higher price or a yearly fee. Also, if the product is not what you expected you may need to pay the shipping to return it.

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