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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 43

October 25, 2023

On to step number 4, lighting.

Several years ago there was an accident in our neighborhood that took out the transformer. I was walking out the door to see if I could help and I missed a step, strained my ankle, and ended up in a boot for 6 weeks. I decided then that no matter where I was in the house a source of light would be close by. A few choices:

1. Glow sticks. These are inexpensive, easy to store, last all night, and are safe around children. Keeping a few in every room means they are close by when the lights go out.

2. Headlamps. These allow hands-free to move debris, hold a child or pet, and make your way around the house or when evacuating or in a shelter.

3. Solar landscape lights. I recently bought a landscape light at the dollar store. I was pleasantly surprised by how well they work and how bright they are. I would never use them outdoors because they are too fragile but I set them in a window and charged them. Landscape lights are a great lighting source for at night. Charge during the day and use at night, free and not running down batteries.

4. Lanterns. Camping lanterns provide a brighter light making them good for reading and playing games. They use more batteries so plan for that and as always never store the batteries in s or anything else because they can and often will leak and ruin the item.

As always check your Totally Ready Binder for more ideas.

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