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2023 Preparedness Weekly Food Storage Challenge - Week 36: Protein

September is National Preparedness Month and that's what we've been trying to inspire you towards all year - being prepared with a growing food supply. We are concentrating on protein again this week because we know that prices are going up and there may be shortages. Just for your information did you know...There are only 2 tri-tip roasts per animal and only 2 briskets. In summary:

A 1200-pound steer, ½ inch fat, average muscling, yields a 750-pound carcass. The 750-pound carcass yields approximately:

  • 490 pounds of boneless trimmed beef

  • 150 pounds fat trim

  • 110 pounds bone

A specific example of how the 490 pounds of boneless, trimmed beef could break out includes:

  • 185 pounds lean trim, or ground beef

  • 85 pounds round roasts and steaks

  • 90 pounds chuck roasts and steaks

  • 80 pounds rib and loin steaks

  • 50 pounds other cuts (brisket, flank, short ribs, skirt steak, tri tip)*

This may seem like a lot of meat but remember we export 2.9 billion pounds and import 4.4 billion. Most of the imported beef does to ground beef. Japan loves our beef and thus they are willing to pay more for the prime cuts. All that info and it's just the beef industry, not nuts and beans and other meats which are also going up in price.

Food - Week 36: Protein

Yes, we’re back to adding protein. This isn't a make-up week in case you didn't add protein last week where we're reminding you this week... No, this is because we need to stock up on protein 2 weeks in a row because of prices. Remember protein comes in many forms. Some are better than others, but all are important to a survival diet.

If you don’t eat meat be sure to store plenty of nuts, nut butter, beans, quinoa, and eggs. I have often been asked if protein powder counted. Yes, it does, however, do not rely on this for all your protein needs. There are nutrients missing from powders and often artificial ingredients are added.

Powdered eggs are a great option, but if you choose to store these please begin using them now so you will know how to use them for your family if you need to rely on them later.

This week store five pounds of nuts and/or beans (23 meals worth if you are not storing meat) of protein per family member.

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