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2023 Preparedness Weekly Food Storage Challenge - Week 43: Powdered Milk and Butter

Food - Week 43: Powdered Milk & Butter

This week it is time to add some more powdered milk to your food storage. There are quite a few options for powdered milk varieties these days - buttermilk, flavored, whole, nonfat, or even lactose-free. I'm probably even forgetting a kind or two. Remember soy, rice, and almond milk DO NOT count as dairy, and dairy is essential to a well-balanced nutritional plan, so they don’t count this week.

This week pick up 5 lbs. of powdered milk per family member unless the family member is a toddler. If your children are toddlers store five cans of evaporated milk in place of powdered milk for them. They need the fats in the evaporated milk. You can rotate them in creamed soups, smoothies, homemade ice cream, and holiday baking.

While we are thinking dairy also store two pounds of butter per family member. Please do not can your own butter. It is dangerous. Professionally canned butter can be purchased as can freeze-dried and dehydrated if you do not have freezer space.

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