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2024 Food Preparedness - Week 26: Fruit

Week 26 Food: Canned Fruit

We are halfway to our goal of a three-month supply in a year. How are you doing? Most weeks we ask you to store foods per family member. Now, we encourage you to think about others who may end up living at your home when disaster strikes. Will you need to take in your parents, adult children, or elderly neighbor? If you may need to house others or if you have friends who will be knocking at the door looking for help now is the time to consider what you are storing. Should you be adding a few more people when you count how much you are purchasing? You may need to redefine “family member” and store for a few more people.

This week we are adding more fruit to our General Store. Add 6 cans of fruit per family member. There should be fruit available (in your yard, a friend's, or U-pick places) to can or freeze now so consider that as well.

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