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2024 Preparedness - Week 1: Introduction

When we asked what you would like us to address in 2024 we got two requests, repeat the weekly food storage challenge and a monthly goals calendar with daily or weekly challenges.

At this moment food security is a big concern. The price of food will keep going up with continuing drought in the United States, the closing of the Suez Canal, rail companies discontinuing service over the border due to trains being used for trafficking and drug transport, and crop failures due to weather disasters. Our ports are still iffy at best and new government regulations on farmers and water usage also contribute to food price increases.

In the past month, Iranian terrorists and the Chinese have hacked water supplies and the power grid in many areas. They have proven they are capable of taking power stations down. With gas-powered cars, stoves, and heating systems and now in California, gas powered lawn movers being outlawed it is placing a strain on our already fragile power grid. This will only increase as more legislation forces electric-only options and the elimination of fossil fuel use.

With all of this in mind in 2024 we will again post weekly food storage challenges and we will introduce a weekly calendar with tasks for the week. In January our calendars will focus on living without power for a few days or a few months. When a tornado hit Madison Tennessee on December 6th it destroyed the power transmission facility and left it a tangled mess. There are many reasons the grid could go down for hours, days, or months.

Mondays - calendar day

Wednesdays - food storage

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