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2024 Preparedness - Week 15: Calendar Week 14

Week 14 - April 7



There are many emergency binders available on the internet. Please beware. Many of these are nothing more than forms for you to fill out, in other words you don’t get information to help if the power fails or you have to evacuate. You should be building a binder with information or you can buy one such as the Totally Ready Emergency Binder but whichever option you choose you will need to add personal information that no one but you knows. Today add photos from your inventory or a thumb drive with videos or photos to your binder. Remember if you need to evacuate one of the important items to grab will be your binder. These photos and videos will make dealing with insurance companies much, much, easier.



You thought you were done but we still need to inventory the garage. I know! This is a huge task for most of us but consider the amount of money you have invested in the tools, camping gear, water barrels, and other emergency items you have stored there. Again, this does not need to be perfect. It will serve as a reminder of what you have since you need to list everything on the forms you are required to fill out with the insurance company if you want to receive the funds to replace them. In some cases, companies will simply pay you without all the paperwork if you have photos to prove what you owned.



One more inventory. The attic. Even if you do not have things stored there it will show vents, fans, structure, etc. You will want all of these replaced.



1.     Do children leaving for college have Five-Day Kits and food storage in their dorm room?

2.     Have you discussed possible disasters in their new area with children leaving for college, a mission or just striking out on their own?

3.     Do you have a pet emergency kit?

4.     Do you have a Five-Day Kit for all family members?



Use the photos and videos to inventory valuable items in your home. If you have jewelry, baseball cards, artwork, or other items that are worth more and/or cannot be replaced you will want to have a separate list or that painting worth $5,000 will only be valued at the price of buying a print at Home Goods.



We all need a catch-up day for the times we didn’t accomplish the week’s or month’s challenges. Look back at the calendar and check off something you missed.

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