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2024 Preparedness - Week 16: Calendar Week 15

Week 15: April 15



It’s time to add any hygiene items you did not find during your scavenger hunt a few weeks ago. Refer to the list you printed from Totally Ready and highlight those items that need to be purchased.



Several years ago, a friend was caught at the airport in a snowstorm that closed the airport for three days. When relief was finally able to get in they brought food and vitamins. When going through a stressful time your body needs more than the normal amount of vitamins and nutrients. Today inventory your stash of vitamins and/or herbs. Purchase an extra month’s supply.



It’s time to consider the other family members, your pets. It’s time to gather or purchase items for a pet kit. Be sure to add food, medications, medical records, treats, a brush, and a toy.



1.     Are poisons and cleaning supplies secured?

2.     Are papers and oily rags stored outside of the house?

3.     Are propane tanks stored outside the house?



More pet preps. Today gather any extra pet supplies you may have, an extra collar, food and water dishes, pet carrier, etc. Place them all together and keep them in a place easily accessible.



Clean out a cupboard and throw away or give away any unused items. You are making more room for your emergency supplies. Commit now that before you bring anything new into your home you get rid of something else.

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