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2024 Preparedness - Week 23: Calendar Week 22

June 3rd Week 22

Let’s make June a month to prepare for summer disasters, cooking off-grid, and summer fun.


Prepare cookies in a jar. These are a perfect addition to any food storage plan. Having all the ingredients measured out in one place makes a last-minute dessert easy. Comfort foods are so important during a time of stress. Making your own cookies also guarantees you control the ingredients and baking them makes the house smell so good. These are also great when the kids say they are bored this summer, they can bake cookies without making a mess. And it saves money. Cookies in a jar are also a great gift.



If you do not already have one, purchase a two-man tent. If you already have one get it out, set it up, and examine it to make sure it is still in good shape. You may wonder why a small tent, but they can be used to keep your port-a-potty private or to store gear in making room in your larger tent while protecting your gear. They make a great kids’ fort during a winter power outage keeping them warm as they play or read.



Clean or purchase sleeping bags. You may think of them only for camping but winter power outages get cold inside your home. If you should be called upon to shelter others following a disaster, they can be used in place of blankets or stacked as a “mattress”.



Purchase a fire pit for summer fun and off-grid cooking.



Purchase or gather fuel for cooking off the grid in a fire pit, barbecue grill, or camp stove.



As a family discuss possible summer disasters, power outages, wildfires, etc.

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