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2024 Preparedness - Week 24: Calendar Week 23

June 10 Week 23


Make a port-a-potty Purchase a five-gallon bucket, toilet seat for the bucket, and kitty litter. Line the bucket with a large, heavy trash bag, add kitty litter and it’s ready to use.



Get ready to cook off the grid this summer.  Cooking off the grid whether camping or in the backyard is fun and an important skill. Purchase fire-safe barbecue mitts.



Add a few simple recipes made only with shelf-stable foods, nothing fresh

or frozen. During a crisis, canned foods will only need to be heated meaning fuel can be conserved and meals can be fast and easy when everyone is stressed. Add recipes to your preparedness binder.



Store water in empty canning jars. Add water to the clean jar, and turn the canning lid upside down so the metal is against the glass. If you use a lid with a gasket against glass it can mold. You do not need to process.



Add $15 to all adult kits in $1 bills



Hurricane season is beginning but evacuation for fires and flooding are year-round concerns. Be prepared to cage your pets in preparation so they don’t hide on you when they sense disaster is coming. In the case of a flood, you will want to be able to move pets to higher levels in your home and contain them. Then there is evacuation when you will need them contained in vehicles as you leave.

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