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2024 Preparedness - Week 25: Calendar Week 24

June 17th week 24


We are going to be doing activities and learning skills for the rest of the summer so this week we will be purchasing and accumulating things we will need.


Make dinner from food storage. Use only the foods on your shelves, nothing fresh.



Summer fun is not fun if you are getting eaten alive. Clean-up following a disaster is tough enough without mosquito bites. Plan ahead and stock up before there is a run on the store following a disaster.



Just like bug bites, you don’t want a sunburn to interfere with your plans. Following a disaster everyone will be looking for sunscreen to make being outdoors safer.



Purchase a battery-operated clock for the common room and master bedroom.



Choose a skill you would like to learn or teach your family. Consider skills such as sewing, cutting hair, auto repair, canning, food preservation, carpentry, budgeting, etc.

Make a list of people you know who may be able to help teach or look up videos or books that can help.



Collect your off-grid cooking items, clean and organize them. If you do not have Dutch ovens, pie irons, long hot dog forks, etc. buy some now.

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