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2024 Preparedness - Week 26: Calendar Week 25

June 24, Week 25



Make signs for all refrigerators and freezers: DO NOT OPEN

Make signs to hang over each toilet: DO NOT FLUSH

Place these signs in your preparedness binders for use during a power outage. When the power is out be sure family members make a list of items they want from the fridge and freezer before opening the door. If you are on a well flushes will be limited and if water distribution is interrupted, no flushing unless you are using stored water, which will be limited by how much you have stashed.



Purchase shade cloth or a dining fly canopy to provide shade when cleaning up after a disaster or when the power is out and you are cooking outdoors or trying to cool your home.



Get all ice chests and coolers and clean them up. Do you have enough to store foods from the freezer if the power fails or drink coolers if you cannot use tap water? Drink coolers may also be used to store frozen food during an outage.



It’s hard to cook if you can’t start a fire or a grill so today take stock of your matches and lighter supply. You will need matches or lighters to light candles or the fireplace, as well as items used for cooking.



We have talked about storing fuel for camp stoves, grills, etc. but do you have fuel containers so when a storm is approaching you can fill the vehicles and also a few fuel containers for backup? Following a disaster, you could be at the end of the list for restoring power meaning you may find yourself cut of not for days but for weeks.



Print the article "Keeping Your Family Safe this Summer".



Second Saturday task...

Take time today to check your credit score.

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